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The Library is pleased to announce that 7 new titles have been added the Videos on Demand Collection* (

  • Advertising
    • This program features a historical survey of the methods of advertising in the U.S. (28 minutes)
  • Book Industry
    • This program provides a detailed look at how trade and educational/reference books are made, sold, and marketed. Also discussed is the perception of book publishing as a glamorous career field, in spite of the hard reality of low profits and wages. In addition, talk-show footage of William F. Buckley, Jr., and Madeline Cartwright, author of For the Children, adds insights into the experiences of book authors. (28 minutes)
  • Radio History
    • This program tells the complete story of radio, from its roots in Marconi’s wireless telegraphy and the invention of the vacuum tube by Lee De Forest, to its heyday in the 1930s and subsequent upstaging by television in a battle for audience-share. (28 minutes)
  • Sex, Censorship, and the Silver Screen: From the Depression to WWII
    • In what many see as Hollywood’s Golden Age, the offices of William Hays and Joseph Breen worked overtime to combat %#$!$uality and subversion in American movies. This program examines the products of that era-films that danced around the standards of the Production Code and paved the way for increasingly daring storytelling and images. (72 minutes)
  • World War II
    • This program features FDR’s declaration of war on Japan, and General Douglas MacArthur’s “Old Soldiers Never Die” retirement speech before Congress, along with other speeches. (39 minutes)
  • World War II: The Road to War
    • This program chronicles the global events that ultimately led to U.S. action in World War II. (31 minutes)
  • World War II: The World at War
    • Starting with Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, this program follows the United States through its mobilization for war and into battle in North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific. (31 minutes)

*Requires a valid FDU Webmail login and password for access to the film collection.