Citing Tweets in Academic Papers

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Interesting…and perhaps useful!

The following article from The Atlantic shares the standard format from the MLA for citing tweets

Research Simplified Using EndNote

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This is the PowerPoint presentation for Friday’s workshop:

EndNote Web Tips and FAQ

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EndNote Web

EndNote is a powerful software program, recommended by the University Library, that helps you organize and manage the information you gather while doing research. FDU has negotiated a site license for EndNote, which permits all members of the University to install and use the software both at work and at home. Visit the library website for more information about EndNote.

EndNote Web is the web-based version of the powerful EndNote program. With EndNote Web there is no software to install, maintain or update. Once you create your account, you may access your library of citations and references from any computer, anywhere in the world. EndNote Web also allows you to share your work with others. This can be especially useful with group projects or when you are collaborating with others on a paper. EndNote Web has many useful features, including:

  • Integration with MS Word. This makes formatting your citations in MLA, APA and hundreds of other formats a breeze.
  • Plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox which automate the process of gathering citations from the web.
  • And much more.

There are some excellent tutorials for learning how to work with EndNote Web available at:

EndNote Web FAQ

System Requirements

Question: What are the system requirements for EndNote Web?

Answer: Please see the EndNote Web system requirements.

Access to EndNote Web off-Campus

Question: I used to be able to access my Endnote Web library remotely but am no longer able to do so, I now get a message “Sorry, your roaming access has expired. What should I do?

Every time you log in to from an authorized FDU IP address (i.e., any computer connected to the network on campus) you receive a token that enables roaming access for one year. Access the web page and login to your account from a computer with an authorized IP address in order to reset your remote access for another year.

Direct Export from Online Databases and Websites to EndNote Web

Question: Can I Direct Export from websites to EndNote Web?

Answer: Beginning with Endnote Web 2.3, it is possible to Direct Export from certain websites to EndNote Web in Firefox.

To turn the feature on, you would need to install the latest EndNote Web Firefox plug-in. Use the following steps:

  1. Making sure you are logged into the EndNote Web site in a Web browser, click the Download Installers link at the bottom of any page.
  2. Follow instructions to launch the installation program.
  3. If prompted, select whether or not you would like EndNote Web to import direct export files from data provider web sites. Do not select EndNote Web if you wish to continue exporting references directly to EndNote, Reference Manager, or ProCite.
  4. Restart the browser.

After restarting the browser, you can turn Direct export on and off by going to Tools, Add-ons, selecting EndNote Web and choosing “Options”. You can check (or uncheck) a box here that reads “Redirect the following MIME types for direct export files to open with EndNote Web:” .ciw .ris .ovd .enw.

Working with MS Word and Internet Explorer

Question: What are the system requirements for EndNote Web?

Answer: Use the EndNote Web Plug-in to insert references, and format citations and bibliographies automatically while you write your papers in Word. The EndNote Web Plug-in also allows you to save online references to your library in Internet Explorer for Windows. To turn this feature on, make sure you are logged into the EndNote Web site in a Web browser, click the Download Installers link at the bottom of any page. Follow the instructions listed above.

Access to the FDU Online Library (Databases, E-Books, E-Journals)

Question: Which databases can I access through Endnote Web?

Answer: Some of the connections provided through EndNote Web are free to the public, such as PubMed and the Library of Congress. Many other databases require a subscription, and FDU provides access to these third-party databases. It is best to access these databases via the FDU Online Library at Once you are in the database you may use the EndNote Web Browser Toolbar to add citations from the database to your EndNote Web library.

These FAQ were adapted from the full set of EndNote Web FAQ which can be found at:

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