Donation of Manga by Anime Club

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The College at Florham Library proudly announces a collection of Manga. manga25

The Anime Club has donated 261 books and one DVD to the College at Florham library.  Most people will recognize Manga (mahn-gah) as Japanese comic books, although many scholars and commentators use the term “graphic novel” instead of “comic” in order to stress the significance of this narrative form.

Items from the collection may be checked out for a period of 7 days.  To access the collection, please inquire at the Circulation desk during regular library hours.

Anime Club Officers with Maria Webb - cropped 25Anime Club Officers: Shawn Hurd, Public Relations; Josk Markoff, President; Sylina Huynh, Traesurer; Katsumi Alan, Vice President; and Anastasia Cyzewski, Secretary stand in front of the collection with Maria Webb, Library Director for Public Services.

The mission of the Anime Club  is to promote appreciation of anime, the common name given to Japanese animation, and to explore how aspects of different cultures are incorporated into anime.

College at Florham Library Reception

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The Library, College at Florham, will hold a reception and display of books in the Orangérie on Wednesday 21 October at 2:00 p.m. 

 The Library, College at Florham, is the proud recipient of a newly-donated core collection of special editions of 19th- and 20th-century British Women Writers, a gift of Allan Kushen & Family, which will be known as the “Kushen Family Collection in memory of Betty Kushen, PhD.” 

 Mrs. Kushen was a faculty member of the English Department on this campus in the 1970s.  Her department chair was the late professor emeritus Walter Savage.

 You are invited to join with faculty, students and staff on October 21st at 2:00 p.m., to view a representative selection of books drawn from the Kushen Family Collection in Memory of Betty Kushen, PhD, and to meet Allan Kushen and members of his family and to acknowledge their fine gift to the library.

 The Kushen Collection also includes Benjamin Franklin-related works and Betty Kushen’s unpublished doctoral dissertation (NYU) on B. Franklin’s biographers’ attitudes toward him. 


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