During the cleaning out of a storage area in the College at Florham Library, a painting by former Guggenheim Fellow, Tosun Bayrak was discovered.  Bayrak was immediately contacted by librarian, Eleanor Friedl.  Overjoyed, he and his daughter came a few days later to reclaim the artwork, and reminisced with librarians and staff.  Bayrak referred to the artwork then, and still now, as an “experiment”. 

Bayrak, known as an experimental artist who has exhibited throughout the United States, was named a Guggenheim fellow in 1965.  He was later hired by FDU to teach art and art history, where he remained until the late ’80s, although he had retired from the art world in the ’70s.

Now, check out the reverse side of canvas with the ”experiment” inscription.

Tosun Bayrak reminisces with librarians, Eleanor Friedl and Denise Marshall, as his daughter looks on.

Photos by Colleen Di Gregorio