The University has a site license for EndNote.This means that all FDU faculty, staff and students may install EndNote for use at home and in the office. If, while installing the program, it asks for a product key, the extraction hasn’t worked properly; delete the .zip file and start over.

It is also possible that Endnote is prompting you for a product key because you are trying to install the program from within the zip file that you have downloaded. To install Endnote, you will need to extract all the files out of your zipped folder first.

How do I Install EndNote at Home?

Go to,, and select the appropriate link (faculty/staff or student)
Enter in your FDU WebMail account details
Select EndNote X1 for Windows link
At the File Download window choose the Save option
Take note of the location and click on the Save button
A Zip file will then be downloaded to your computer.
Once the download has completed, locate the Zip file on your computer, as you will need to extract the files first before you can commence installation. To do this, right click on the zip file and choose the Extract all option
Choose the Next option to start the extraction process. Then, select the Finish option to view files.

To commence installation, ensure that all other programs are closed.
Double click on: ENX1Inst.msi to start installation.
Note if a previous installation of EndNote is found in the same folder, you will be given the option to either back up or overwrite the older files. If you back up files, they are placed in a Backup folder in the installation folder.
Accept the Next prompt tp initiate the installation process.
At Select Installation Type: We recommend that you select Complete to make sure you install all options
At Select Destination: By default, EndNote is installed in the C:\Program Files\EndNote X1 folder. You can use the Browse button to change the folder selection if you wish.
Select the Finish option to close the installation program, or click Run to start EndNote.

For more information on EndNote, visit