This month the library is pleased to announce that it has added 3 new titles to our Videos on Demand collection:

  • Explaining Globalization (56:00)

Everyone talks about globalization, but what does it really mean? And what are its implications for the average American? In this compilation of NewsHour segments, experts from the U.S. and abroad speak their minds on a shrinking world and an expanding global economy.

  • Get 1.1 Billion’s Attention: Growing Consumerism in India (60:00)

Once racked with poverty, India is now a model of economic revival and Western-style consumerism. This program examines the impact of the country’s newfound wealth on domestic and international business, and on Indian society as a whole.

  • A Fatal Impact: Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and Genocide (53:00)

During the 19th century, racial categorization took on a pseudoscientific stance. This program shows how the academic racism of the period helped to spread imperialist policies across the globe.

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