As previously reported on this blog, NJKI funding for the last four months of this fiscal year has been in doubt. The message below indicates that efforts to restore the $1 million needed to continue database access until July 1, 2008 have unfortunately failed. VALE has made available to institutions the option of paying for any or all of the NJKI databases for the coming four months, in order to maintain access. With input from library staff and others, the University Librarian, Dr. Marcum has authorized continuation of some of the NJKI databases.

The following message was sent on behalf of the NJKI Task Force by Kathleen Peiffer, Associate State Librarian for Library Development

Although we are very sensitive to other cuts being made in the Governor’s ’09 budget, we thought you would like to know what is happening to the funding for the New Jersey Knowledge Initiative:

Starting on Thursday, February 28, 2008, New Jersey Knowledge Initiative vendors will begin a rolling shutdown of the online resources funded by this statewide program. We regret to report that despite numerous visits to legislators, the Governor’s office and other state agencies, no bridge funding has been forthcoming to support the database costs through the remainder of this fiscal year. However, the Governor’s budget for FY09 does currently call for a $2 million allotment for NJKI to start July 1, 2008. Your advocacy will continue to be critical throughout the upcoming budget process. The task force will reconvene in the near future to determine the specifics of the next NJKI program. Other funding sources will also continue to be explored to enhance this initiative.

The NJKI Task Force

Please visit the FDU Online Library at for details about specific databases that are affected by this cut in funding.